Lessons at Blackberry Inn

– Adventures with the Gentle Art of Learning

Written by Karen Andreola

A Sequel to Pocketful of Pinecones – A Story About Home Life and Home Learning
ISBN-13: 978-1889209050
ISBN-10: 1889209058

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Message from the author

Do you ever read for companionship? I do. If we read fiction for its characters, I invite you to make friends with mine. I created them especially for you.
In Lessons at Blackberry Inn life is seen through Carol’s eyes, a homemaker in the 1930s. It is a story about simple sacrifices and kindnesses. Behind Carol’s decision to home educate is a philosophy that I call “The Gentle Art of Learning”. Mornings are spent teaching her children, Donald and Emily. She tries some new subjects; Picture Study and Music Appreciation. She and her children walk down tree-lined country roads to the village of Appleton. They visit the venerable members of their community who demonstrate their early American skills. Afternoons are also spent canning and cooking Blackberry Inn’s bountiful harvest. Guests appreciate Carol’s delicious country meals served family style on the long table. (Recipes are included.)

Carol is expecting a baby. When her feet ache or her emotions begin to get the better of her, Carol’s husband, Michael, has a calming affect. She is supported by his ongoing devotion. Therefore it is no surprise that when the pastor of the church asks a big favor of Carol during a time of crises, Michael has a heart to heart talk with her about her involvement. That is when Carol sees a side of her husband she had not seen before.

Although this is a sequel to Pocketful of Pinecones, the story can stand on its own. Those who were introduced to Emma Cook, a woman full of radiant hospitality, the benevolent bachelor Mr. Fortesque, and others, will meet them again and get to know them better.

Lessons at Blackberry Inn is my effort at becoming an older sister in Christ. Every nook and cranny of this story establishes the value of homemaking and home teaching. May my younger sister in Christ love her husband, love her children, and imbue her home with an atmosphere of beauty, purity, and good works. —Karen

Softcover, illustrated by my son, Nigel Andreola, 225 pages