Simply Grammar

Simply Grammar

– An Illustrated Primer

Karen Andreola – Revised and Expanded Edition of First Grammar Lessons by Charlotte Mason

ISBN-13: 978-1889209012
ISBN-10: 1889209015

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Introduction by the Author

Some teaching methods are timeless. In this revised and expanded edition of Charlotte Mason’s grammar, you will discover one of them – the simple method of narration that focuses on conversation as a natural means of teaching grammar to your fourth to eight graders. A large and curious Victorian illustration accompanies each lesson. Simply Grammar brings to bear more of your child’s natural thinking ability than ordinary grammar lessons. The student is given the opportunity to create his own sentences, often to tell a story using the large illustrations. By this method he uses his new understanding of the “sentence” to demonstrate a more thorough knowledge. Simply Grammar allows you to follow a pace that matches your child’s ability. Keeping this in mind, in most cases, a several year program where the teacher is free to decide when and how often review is necessary. Simply grammar can be used to enhance any other grammar program.

178 pages